Monday, 3 November 2008

Updates :D

So I'm finally back in Germany *yay* And hacking progress can continues... well... almost. I still don't have the "internets" at home, so that's like 2 more weeks of nothing feasible to do...
Then, I moved to Vista so that's a huge deal for some programs... Japanese locale for some as well. I already fixed thingy32 to work for me again (locale problems) but I'm actually thinking of porting it to VB.NET just for better compatibility with unicode (currently: none) and newer language seems better to me, anyway.
The old thingy32 does everything with strings, so that's why it's so slow :D

Then again, university has me cornered and I can't select "Run" - but that'll work out eventually. Right now I'm having a lot of free time to go thru all the stuff I did so far and finally compile some of my decumentations into something actually usable :D

Tom wants to see some progress with the insertion and English version of the game, so that will move on as well.
I'm kind of really big-time excited to actually finish up some loose ends on this one to move on to fixing Red Book up to the current status Black Book is at (not a huge deal tho).

So until then :D

EDIT: Oh yeah, pictures will follow shortly ^-^

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