Saturday, 7 July 2007

Rest of Work

I got military duty to do, so the translation work will have to wait approx. 9 months until I can pick it up at full pace again. Nevertheless, it will be actively seen thru to completion after that period of time.

I'm still thinking whether I will upload all of the dumped scripts somewhere or not, so translators can get an idea of what my dumps are like. Post comments, folks.



Friday, 11 May 2007


So I finally got the code in Black Book working and put it into Red Book. Now I just need to apply the menu changes and all will be sweet. I busied myself with the DeviDas which I will call from now on "Devikon" (Devil + Lexikon) :)

So, I'll put a nice picture of the stuff I changed around here:



Thursday, 5 April 2007

Script Snippet :D

So I'm kind of positive that this will work, so I'll upload the first text bank dumped into a unicode txt file. So there it is:

*Link deleted*

Anybody is welcome to try and translate this. Really, all I need is Japanese to English translation (though Japanese to German would work best). I know the games pretty good and will check for consistency and such.

In case above link doesn't work, please comment =)



EDIT: Deleted the link, because it was outdated.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Text Dumping

So I finally got around to do it and so I coded a very early text dumping tool :) I got already the first "bank" of scripts dumped 100% correctly and I'll work on automation and then insertion in a bit.

I'll probably edit this post and attach a snipped from the dump when I feel confident enough that it might be the final formatting.

EDIT: So today I finally dumped all of the text (hopefully). Need to do some checking if I didn't mess up anything during the dumping and then I'll probably create a "help wanted" ad over at RHDN.

So long


Thursday, 15 March 2007

Grand Opening

So today I decided to finally get a blog and just post about my hacking progress of the game as well as my efforts to get the script dumped and translated (at least Japanese to English if not Japanese to German) and show some cool pics off.
On the right is the new titlescreen for Devil Children: Black Book =]

I've worked on that game now for some years, three namely, however, after I took break for a year in the US I decided to start over and make it even more prettier. It already features a full-blown vwf that is used for dialog and menus. However, flip side of the medal is, that I have to hack each and every menu on its own as they're all hardcoded into the game... Which... takes a lot effort and time I don't have right now^^"

Oh, and if anybody was wondering, I work on Black Book and Red Book simultaneously, however, I usually hack Black first... So now I'm stuck with some changes I made several months ago that I didn't hack into Red yet... Will happen soon. Tonight I'm gonna try my first script dump ever, and that's actually how I got the idea of opening a blog (like the BoF2 blog) in the first place.

Well, so long,

Thanks for reading,