Monday, 3 November 2008

Updates :D

So I'm finally back in Germany *yay* And hacking progress can continues... well... almost. I still don't have the "internets" at home, so that's like 2 more weeks of nothing feasible to do...
Then, I moved to Vista so that's a huge deal for some programs... Japanese locale for some as well. I already fixed thingy32 to work for me again (locale problems) but I'm actually thinking of porting it to VB.NET just for better compatibility with unicode (currently: none) and newer language seems better to me, anyway.
The old thingy32 does everything with strings, so that's why it's so slow :D

Then again, university has me cornered and I can't select "Run" - but that'll work out eventually. Right now I'm having a lot of free time to go thru all the stuff I did so far and finally compile some of my decumentations into something actually usable :D

Tom wants to see some progress with the insertion and English version of the game, so that will move on as well.
I'm kind of really big-time excited to actually finish up some loose ends on this one to move on to fixing Red Book up to the current status Black Book is at (not a huge deal tho).

So until then :D

EDIT: Oh yeah, pictures will follow shortly ^-^

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Black Book script translated :D

Hi, so after a long time of not posting anything on my blog, the translator I found months ago has translated the full dialog script that is in Black Book :D
I will translate the remaining German script files and revise the already translated ones!

Also, the collaboration with Shadowsithe (see here) that began like ages ago will actually continue to bring out English versions of the two, possibly three, games :D
Hackingwise I'm a bit stalled at the moment, because of my duty. However, progress is being made :D Lastly, only special text strings used in menus only need to be dumped and translated :)