Thursday, 5 April 2007

Script Snippet :D

So I'm kind of positive that this will work, so I'll upload the first text bank dumped into a unicode txt file. So there it is:

*Link deleted*

Anybody is welcome to try and translate this. Really, all I need is Japanese to English translation (though Japanese to German would work best). I know the games pretty good and will check for consistency and such.

In case above link doesn't work, please comment =)



EDIT: Deleted the link, because it was outdated.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Text Dumping

So I finally got around to do it and so I coded a very early text dumping tool :) I got already the first "bank" of scripts dumped 100% correctly and I'll work on automation and then insertion in a bit.

I'll probably edit this post and attach a snipped from the dump when I feel confident enough that it might be the final formatting.

EDIT: So today I finally dumped all of the text (hopefully). Need to do some checking if I didn't mess up anything during the dumping and then I'll probably create a "help wanted" ad over at RHDN.

So long